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We believe that getting out into nature with others can provide the space needed to relax and focus on the beauty and goodness in our lives. 

We will spend our days kayaking in some of the most pristine Washington State Parks, with our guides leading us through group exercises designed for connection and preparing delicious meals to enjoy, all while exploring the abundant coastline of Washington.

We are spending the Winter season scouting out amazing locations for our 2023 season. Check back in February for dates, or send us a message to get on our email list.

2023 Dates




Find out more about our journeys and how they can help you connect more with your life.

No paddling experience or personal equipment necessary.  These journeys are designed to be as inclusive as possible. 



Already have an adventure in mind? Let us outfit you with all the kayaking and camping gear you need to make your adventure successful.

Look through our selection of kayaks and camping gear to find your fit.



Ready to get on the water and learn the practical skills of paddling? Sign up for one of our Kayak Courses to be inspired to get out and go paddling! 


We envision a world where people live connected and holistic lives with themselves, others, and the world around them. 

Each of our guides and counsellors enjoy kayaking and pursuing life to the fullest.

We count it a privilege to join others on their journeys of life.


"We had a great paddle tour with John.

I'd go back in a heartbeat."


CALL US: 778-868-7939

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