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Men's Journeys

Guided, multi-day Kayaking Journeys designed for connection to

self, others, and the world


Why a 

Men's Journey?

Our society does not give men a lot of space or permission to connect deeply with our lives. However, we believe that creating space to connect with ourselves, each other, and the world is paramount to living a fulfilling and holistic life.


Taking time away from your normal routine and spending intentional time to connect with your life, especially in the presence of other men, can be a catalyst for you to pursue your life's journey.

What areas of your life would you like to connect with and pursue?


The owner of Tidal Journeys, John will be our lead guide on the water and head chef! He is a former Army Ranger who loves seeing people grow in their purpose, and enjoys giving people the opportunity to get into the wilderness to disconnect from their busy lives.

We will spend five days kayaking the stunning and remote Nootka Sound.

Each day will consist of 3-4 hours of kayaking, 1-2 group sessions led by our men's coach, delicious meals prepared by our guides, and plenty of time for you to relax on the water's edge and connect with the other men on the journey. 

We will provide all of the kayaking and camping equipment for you. Just bring your toiletries and camp clothes.


The director of Thrive Downtown Counselling Clinic, and someone who cares deeply about men leading fulfilling lives, Carson will lead our group sessions looking at personal transformation. His goal is for you to come away from this trip feeling energized and focused on what your next step is for your life’s journey.


A Paddle Canada Kayak instructor and guide, Jess will be our second guide on the water ensuring our safety and teaching paddling skills to new paddlers. No kayaking experience required!


We are excited to be offering our third year of Men's Journeys with this amazing team!

Click on the link below for more information and to register:


CALL US: 778-868-7939

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