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Kayak Rentals

Ready to go out on your own? Taking a course and need a kayak?

Rent our kayaks for extended trips in the PNW. 

We have all the kayaking and camping equipment you need to get out there on your journey.

We have a wide selection of P&H and Delta single kayaks as well as Seaward Passat G3 double kayaks. These kayaks are great for overnight trips around Puget Sound, the San Juan Islands, or your local lake. 


-Seaward Passat G3 $75/day*     (double kayak with rudder)

-Delta 17 $50/day     (single kayak with rudder)

-P&H Scorpio MV $50/day     (single kayak with skeg)

Each kayak rental comes with all the necessary equipment:

-Personal Floatation Device (PFD)


-Pump & Throw Line


-Paddle Float

  -Spray Skirt**


Immersion Gear

We have a range of wetsuit sizes to keep you comfortable and safe on your paddle. -$10/day

Camping Gear

We also have camping gear for rent that will provide you with the perfect amount of comfort on your trip.

-Tent (North Face Stormbreak 3-person) $50/day

-Sleeping Bag & Pad (North Face Cat's Meow -4 C or Furnace -7 C) $20/day


Let us know when and how many kayaks/gear you would like to rent and we will make sure you are set you up for success!

*Minimum 3-day rentals - kayaks can be picked up and dropped off the

evening before and morning after your rental days

**Please be prepared to demonstrate wet exit

proficiency if you want to have spray skirts

CALL US: 778-868-7939

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