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Kayak Journeys

Our journeys are designed with personal growth in mind. Each paddler will be challenged not only by the aspect of kayaking and camping in the wilderness but also by the group curriculum that challenges one to reflect upon their life. All of this is done with the supervision of our experienced guides who are passionate about seeing people grow and come into a better understanding of who they are.


What is included?


Our professional guides will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and safety necessary so that you can focus on your journey of discovery and self-renewal. As kayak instructors, they can teach you the kayaking skills even if you have never kayaked before.


Our guides will plan, purchase, and pack all the food necessary for the group to enjoy meals together. Come ready to prepare and eat the most delicious backcountry meals together.


Our kayaks, as well as camping gear, will keep you properly outfitted with just the right amount of comfort while experiencing the outdoors. 

New to paddling or camping?

No problem!

Our guides will show you just how all the gear works.


Each curriculum is written specifically for each journey to maximize the growth potential for on these trips.

If you are a leader of a Group  our owner will meet with the you prior to the course to ensure your group's specific needs are met during the journey.

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