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Why Kayak & Yoga?

We believe that creating space to connect with ourselves, each other, and the world is paramount to living a fulfilling and holistic life.
Come on a trip designed to help you relax and be grounded in nature.

We hope you come back feeling full of joy and focused in life.

*No, this picture is not from the Caribbean... It's from a trip to Howe Sound in 2021!


The owner of Tidal Journeys, John will be our lead guide on the water and head chef! He is a former Army Ranger who loves seeing people grow in their purpose, and enjoys giving people the opportunity to get into the wilderness to disconnect from their busy lives.

We will spend three days kayaking in beautiful Howe Sound with stunning mountain backdrops.

Each day will include kayaking, guided yoga exercises, and meditation practices to help calm your senses and be present in the moment. Our guides will prepare delicious meals for the group, giving you plenty of time for you to relax on the water's edge. 

We will provide all of the kayaking and camping equipment for you. Just bring your toiletries and camp clothes.


As a yoga instructor, his passion is bringing the benefits of a physical and mental practice to folks in an approachable and accessible way. To Drew, the combination of yoga and nature creates the perfect setting to temporarily step away from our everyday lives and experience deeper connections with ourselves and our surroundings.​


Hannah’s love for paddling grew on the North Shore of Lake Huron instructing at a mobile paddling camp. She loves calling water ‘textured,’ and helping people have new and beautiful experiences on the water.


Favourite part of kayaking: unexpected adventures! 

When he needs a break from completing his MSc. in geomicrobiology at UBC, Shea goes kayaking to relax and discovering the beauty of BC.  



We are excited to be offering three of these trips!

Follow this link for more information, dates, and registration:

CALL US: 778-868-7939

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