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Come on a multi-day kayaking journey into the wilderness where you will be given the opportunity to DISCONNECT from the normal routines of life. No email to check, no phone ringing, no work. Often these normal routines can be a distraction from our inner self.


Our journeys provide guided activities to help you relax your mind and body, which aids reflection. From the very first paddle stroke, we will work to CONNECT with ourselves, fellow journeyers, and the environment we paddle in.


Our curriculum is designed to help you DISCOVER where your journey of life has taken you, and where you are at now. We will look at strengths, passions, and skills to discern who you have been made to be.


Come back feeling RENEWED after spending time enjoying the rhythms of being in nature. Each paddler will leave with goals and a plan for bringing the learning into their life journey.

CALL US: 778-868-7939

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