Owner & Lead Guide


With a background and training in Army Special Operations, medical, and pastoral work; the role of Journey Guide brings all of John's passions together in one area.

John is passionate about seeing people grow and reach their potential in life.

Favourite part of kayaking:

Seeing people gain new confidence in themselves and being awestruck at the power of the ocean.

Men's Journey Counsellor


Carson loves his work, because he has seen countless individuals emerge from lonely invalidation, chronic irritability, or grief so big that it feels like once it starts, it won’t ever stop (spoiler: it does).


He believes people are resilient and wise beyond measure; many have just taken some injuries that haven’t yet been acknowledged and healed.

Operations Manager


Mandy helps out with all of the back-end details of the business and ensures that everything runs smoothly. She insists her role should really be "Chief Kayak Lifter" 

Mandy is passionate about empowering and encouraging women.

Favourite part of kayaking:

Sunny days spent exploring the intertidal ecosystem.

Each member of our team is committed to Leave No Trace principles to ensure that the wonderful environment we learn in will be kept safe for future generations.



Getting a first-hand look at the transformative power paddling has on people’s live is what constantly brings Magalee back to guiding. She loves encouraging people to get out of their comfort zone, try out a new skill, and embrace challenges as opportunities for growth.


Favourite part of kayaking:

The huge margin for improvement no matter what level someone is paddling at!


Favourite kayaking trip:

Cape Flattery on the Olympic Peninsula because of the amazing company, surfing, sea caves, and seeing a pod of 16 Orca Whales!



Growing up canoeing the rivers of Ontario, Jess was in awe of the power of the ocean when he came to the West Coast.  He loves giving people the gift of getting away from it all and resting.

Favourite part of kayaking:

Trying out new skills and seeing new places.

Jess is one of our Men's Journey guides, bringing his whole self to the trip and showing men how to bond through honesty and curiosity.

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